The brand

Jack Haldrup, CEO, built a DTC soap company that went from selling a few thousand bars of soap a week to shipping thousands a day. Dr. Squatch has grown so fast by staying focused on profitable acquisition.

The details

They teamed up with TubeScience to diversify their creative portfolio because men’s grooming is particularly antiquated with little precedence for performance marketers who are actually targeting men instead of their wives. We conducted a historical and competitive analysis to identify key messages across several personas that could yield results while remaining on-brand. One of the most important parts of TubeScience’s strategy is to test creative variants and iterate quickly. We experimented with different communication styles and visual techniques to target previously underserved audiences for Dr. Squatch. Once we found an audience that worked, we’d scale up and iterate constantly to keep content fresh and performing while simultaneously testing into new ones.



Original videos






The results

(Q1 2020 Growth on Facebook)

Decrease in CAC


ROAS from new customers


Increase in marketing budget

Increase in subscribers
“TubeScience was recommended to us by a couple of brands we look up to and trust. We already had a good amount of success on Facebook but are always looking for ways to continue to efficiently scale spend. The TubeScience team created new content for us that immediately proved effective. Additionally, their pay-for-performance model limited any downside and made it fast and simple to get them onboarded.”
Josh Friedman
VP of Growth and Marketing at Dr.Squatch Soap Co.

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